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Addiction: Prologue

Often the conversation around addiction in our society takes a look from the outside in, through a lens of shame and intolerance, continuing to dress up a stereotype that doesn’t exist. So this series, we’re just going in. To the core. Talking to recovering addicts who have battled substance abuse with alcohol to heroin and everything in between.  We talk recreation versus dependancy, gateway drugs and social standards, rock bottom and reckoning, all the way through to the multifaceted idea of recovery. I think this series has the capacity to change the perspectives of many so check your preconceived notions at the door and buckle up. It’s a big one.

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Addiction: The Social Drug

In this week’s thread, we take a step inside the life of Natalie, a funny, intelligent and kind soul who has struggled with the most commonly used drug of them all, alcohol. Even though she didn’t pick up her first drink until 17, it became a staple in her life and although problematic, Natalie put it down to simply being part of Australian culture. Through Natalie sharing her story we get to unpack that idea of alcohol within our culture while looking at social standards, stereotypes and the battle of her life, sobriety.

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Addiction: Crystal Clear

This week on The Thread, we get extremely personal. Relatively new on the narcotic scene, ice has swept through our nation in recent years, indiscriminately destroying everything in its wake. For all common stereotypes, it’s easy to believe it will never happen to you, nor someone you love. But tonight, we’re busting that theory wide open as my husband graphically shares his descent into crystal meth addiction and how he made it out of the ruin alive.

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Addiction: Coming Full Circle

Working in the Alcohol and Other Drug sector is for a certain type of person, one who sees addiction as a human experience. Nothing more, nothing less. This week on The Thread, we get to speak to Leon Gailitis whose professional career has spanned more than a decade in the AOD arena, nearly three decades if we include his time battling substance abuse that ended with his kryptonite, heroin. Leon’s perspective on this series is unparalleled, a brilliant human who can educate us from both angles, having been both in the trenches and the one now pulling people out.

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Addiction: Heartbreak and Heroin

When you were fourteen years old, what level of foresight would you say you had? Were you assessing problems, forecasting how the potential solution may play out over the next decade and going from there? Personally, I think no-one at that age has the maturity for that but that’s exactly where John’s story starts. This week on The Thread he is sharing the struggle of his existence with gang life, criminal activity, violence, drug abuse and homelessness, all stemming from a world he wandered into as a teenage boy in an effort to escape the abuse he was receiving at home.

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Addiction: Within Your Shadow

This week on The Thread we get to chronicle Ben’s gradual descent into social stimulants that brought him face to face with a version of himself he didn’t know. One who, in the darkest of moments, didn’t want to live anymore. What is an honest and heartbreaking account of where substance abuse led him, there is an immense amount of hope within his rise to recovery. You don’t want to miss this one.

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Addiction: The Frontline

So far this series, those with first hand experience battling substance abuse have taken centre stage. Their powerful stories have lifted the lid on what addiction really looks like, the impact it has and the heartbreak that comes with it. For some people, these stories may be seen as anecdotal, exceptions to the greater rule. For those people, they need facts from trusted professionals who have vast experience on the topic. So this week, I’m delivering just that. Tony Johannsen is a Forensic Clinician and Psychotherapist in the Alcohol and Other Drug sector and tonight we are going deep on how addiction manifests, what trauma looks like, how our experience in utero and early childhood forms our ability to regulate our emotions and the need for a philosophical construct to anchor us through life. Don’t miss this one, it’s powerful. 

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Addiction: Epilogue

Tonight, as I wrap this series of @_thethread, more than anything, I want to leave you with something to really consider. As I began researching for this series, I considered myself fairly well versed in the addiction realm, where there weren’t many things I was surprised by anymore. But the truth is, I learnt something over the last eight weeks I have never noticed before and it’s that kind of situation where I cannot un-see it. It’s not just about how we treat addiction within our society but the reality of who will really pay the price if we cannot open up this conversation away from the moral high ground it has lived for decades.

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Addiction: The Probe

After plenty of research on every series, I’ve found myself down a plethora of rabbit holes excavating some topics I’d unintentionally stumbled across. For me, I love that aspect of The Thread. The digging, the learning, the free education. So I thought it only fair that at the end of each series, I’ll leave you with The Probe, a space with links to things I’ve read, watched and listened to that you might find beneficial. Dig in.

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