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In this series we will be exploring topics around early childhood diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, developmental behavioural phases, gender inequality, porn addiction, domestic violence and suicide through the lens of parents, some who are exclusively raising sons, others who are raising daughters and some gifted with the insight of doing both. Parents who share their joy for lessons learned, fears for milestones yet to come but one overarching sense of hope about what the future looks like. I’ve also had the pleasure of chatting to a psychotherapist who facilitates Men’s Behavioural Change Programs, providing an in-depth look at the complex issue of domestic violence in our society and sharing the details about an early intervention program he is piloting through Monash University in Victoria. Join me while we deep dive on everything that is Raising Boys.

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This week we take a step inside the life of Morgan, a primary school teacher and mother to Noa, two. We discuss her parenting style, how damaging the rigidity of the current school system is on our kids, the prevalence of behaviour disorder diagnoses in young boys and her future hopes for this little boy that will one day become a man. We shared laughs and tears over some beautiful food near the ocean in this magical part of the world we call home. 

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The tween era would have to be the most significant transition this side of adulthood. The little people stop being, well, little. They are morphing and discovering themselves in a whole new light. This week we get to chat to Milina, a photographer and mother advocating to normalise the conversation around periods for her daughters but also for her son, Jenson. We cover body awareness, consent, porn addiction and the responsibility we need to take in ensuring our boys become the kind of men the girls in our lives deserve.

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This week, we go all male and take a peek inside a modern boys club. Raising three sons, Myles, Flynn and Henry, Amber gives us a candid look into what a testosterone filled home feels like. Sharing her struggles with post natal depression from severe gender disappointment, the silver lining has been the opening up of honest conversation with her boys about mental health, something they desperately need if they are to avoid the harrowing statistics of suicide in our country. With Amber’s vulnerability and candour, you don’t want to miss this one.

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Tonight I want to introduce you to Hayley, a woman I was lucky enough to meet when our eldest kids went through kindy together. Over the period of a year I was able to witness Hayley mother her three daughters and was inspired by her ability to see children for what they are, pure magic. She exudes a calm energy and is raising her girls with an abundance of understanding and love, despite the first 23 years of her life being everything but. When I asked Hayley to come on board for this series, I thought her voice would add some perspective on the need for raising vulnerable boys and how concerned she is for the world her daughters are growing up in. That was my intention. But when I learned Hayley’s story, she is the lived experience of what this entire series is about. Her story is the bi-product of raising boys to become toxic men. If there is one article you’re going to read this series, let this be it.

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In the final interview of series one, Raising Boys, we’re going deep. Tonight I’m sharing with you my lengthy chat with Tony Johannsen, a father, psychotherapist and facilitator of Men’s Behavioural Change Programs, who is on the frontline of the domestic violence epidemic trying to implement change our society desperately needs. Tony has a way of making complex issues easy to understand and explains how exposing our boys to a hyper-masculine ideology in childhood breeds toxic men who feel entitled to their privilege at the expense of women and children. 

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Six weeks, thirteen kids, five mothers, one father and more conversation starters than I could have ever imagined. Tonight as I close this series, I share a story that transpired while Raising Boys was in flow and how much perspective I’ve gained from asking questions with an open mind. Series One, that’s a wrap!

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After plenty of research on Raising Boys, I found myself down a plethora of rabbit holes excavating some topics I’d unintentionally stumbled across. For me, I love that aspect of The Thread. The digging, the learning, the free education. So I thought it only fair that at the end of each series, I’ll leave you with The Probe, a space with links to things I’ve read, watched and listened to that you might find beneficial. Dig in.

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